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The Atlanta 404 are a Division II team in Blitz the League II. The 404 have been in the League for two years and have made themselves known for having a powerful defense. Their team captain is defensive end Kimo Talofa and has been their captain since the team has been in the League.


The 404 entered the League in part of commissioner Clive Hanson's initiative to expand the League in 2006 along with a few other teams. The origin of having the team in Atlanta is a mystery, but the 404 came in part that Atlanta's area code is 4-0-4.

Division IIIEdit

During the first year of play, the 404 were unstoppable thanks to their defense as they plowed through their opponents and winning the Division III championship; the second time that an expansion team won the championship in three years (Player-Created Team in Blitz I).

Division IIEdit

Their first season in Division II didn't go as well as the team hoped. Although they were fortunate to not finish in last place, the 404 realized that they needed to improve their sub-par offense, so they drafted quarterback Lance Holden. Unfortunately Holden hasn't lived up to the hype during training camp and critics have begun rumors of Holden being a bust.

The 2008 season wasn't as bad as last season for Atlanta as they finished in the top half of Division II that season, however, it was still apparent that their quarterback situation is still up in the air, but the 404 found a glimmer of hope with their running back Brendon Edington as he became the first 404 running back to reach 1,000 yards rushing in a season.

The 404 fell short of making it to the Division II Championship in 2009. With Talofa's departure for the Riot, the 404 managed to win the Division II Championship in 2010 on a last-minute Hail Mary pass against the Miami Hammerheads.

Team InfoEdit

Team Captain:

DE Kimo Talofa (2006 - Present)

Team Stadium:
Kimo Talofa00:00

Kimo Talofa

Atlanta and team captain Kimo Talofa.

404 Stadium (2006 - Present)

Atlanta 404 Roster (BTL II)
  • 3 Lance Holden QB
  • 10 F. Dolan

Running Backs

  • 31 Brendon Edington RB
  • 29 Rob Whitney RB
  • 35 F. Garcia RB
  • 47 D. Otto FB

Wide Receivers

  • 40 Keith Hess WR
  • 86 Tony Amaris WR
  • 16 T. Allen WR
  • 17 T. Pritchett WR
  • 87 Cameron Mclaughlin
  • 81 Garett Gill
  • 84 Austin Barker
  • 88 Lewis Padilla

Tight Ends

  • 80 F. Marano TE
  • 82 D. Bowman TE

Offensive Line

  • 77 D. Sherrod C
  • 67 Emmett Lynch
  • 66 K. Ware LG
  • 76 Chris Moore
  • 61 P. Diaz RG
  • 71 Al Schultz
  • 68 Michael Gray T
  • 65 Tyler Pleasant
  • 64 Randy Jenkins

Defensive Line

  • 99 J. Kroeker DE
  • 98 Kimo Talofa DE
  • 91 L. McDonald DE
  • 90 Leo Cooper
  • 92 M. Faucett DT
  • 78 ??? Hope DT
  • 93 Shane Tucker
  • 95 Demarcus Ewing


  • 58 Devarius Henderson LB
  • 53 L. Bannister LB
  • 56 T. Mathis LB
  • 54 K. Hunt LB
  • 50 Marcus Connor
  • 52 Raytron Lamar
  • 57 Donnell Lawler

Defensive Backs

  • 24 J. Garvey CB
  • 28 J. Montanez CB
  • 25 E. Castenada CB
  • 22
  • 26 S. Weiss SS
  • 20
  • 21 C. Karpinski FS
  • 23 I. Laufer FS

Special Teams

  • 4 ??? Himes K
  • 15 ??? Bailey P

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