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The Kansas City Crossfire were a founding member of the Western League in 1956. In 1966 they took part in the second cross-league Exhibition game and claimed the first victory for the Western League defeating the Minnesota Reapers 23-10. After the 1976 Eastern-Western League merger the Crossfire began play in Division 1 and the following year upset the defending League Champions, the Washington Redhawks to claim their first Championship. In 1985 the Crossfire made it back to the Championship game only to lose to the Baltimore Bearcats. By 2004 they had slipped into Division 2 but were considered contenders to move back up into Division 1, thanks in part to their team captain, DE Tyrell Price. the Crossfire played the Regulars and lost 45-29 in 1989

It is revealed that in 2007, the season prior to Blitz II, the Crossfire plays in Division 1, but is the team relegated to Division 2 at the end of the season. The Crossfire are booted further down to Division 3 after the 2009 season.

Team Captain: DE Tyrell Price


The Barracks (1956-Present)

Kansas City Crossfire Roster (BTL II)
  • 9 Donovan McDaniels QB

Running Backs

  • 21 Kelvin Diggs RB
  • 40 Arnold Benedek FB

Wide Receivers

  • 15 Carlos Infante WR
  • 81 Chance Wayman WR
  • 82 Sam Jenkins WR

Tight Ends

  • 83 Oliver Thompson TE
  • 89 Isaiah Verush TE

Offensive Line

  • 68 John Easton C
  • 77 Greg James G
  • 66 Jorge Chavez G
Defensive Line
  • 90 Tyrell Price DE
  • 91 Friesnan Jones DE
  • 95 Benny Marcos DE


  • 59 DJ West LB
  • 51 Calvin Ruben LB
  • 52 Nolan Far LB
  • 55 Ray Dalls LB

Defensive Backs

  • 26 Trey Norton CB
  • 28 Nichlas Spraldin CB
  • 33 Donny Petillo SS
  • 29 Rick McKenzie FS

Special Teams

  • 5 Richard Edwards K
  • 2 Keegan Prennings P

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