Kelvin Diggs is a running back who, over the course of two Blitz games, has played for the Las Vegas Aces, Kansas City Crossfire, and Los Angeles Riot. He is highly egotistical and selfish, as he is known to throw tantrums on the sidelines if he does not get at least 25 carries per game. He also tends to taunt opposing teams once he scores, going to great lengths to rub it in.

Role in Blitz 1

In the first Blitz game, Diggs plays for, and is captain of, the Las Vegas Aces. As such, the player encounters him during his run in Division II. Challenges for playing the Aces include holding him to under 100 yards rushing. It was rumored that he can be unlocked to play on the player-created team, but this turned out to be false. Diggs was cut in favor of Amos Newell as team captain in between the two Blitz games, presumably due to his attitude making him a locker room cancer.

Role in Blitz 2

In the second Blitz game, Diggs has joined the Kansas City Crossfire due to being a locker room cancer in Las Vegas. The player therefore encounters him initially during the Division II season. He is no longer team captain, however, as that honor has remained with Tyrell Price. He does not feature into the storyline or have any challenges associated with him; however, he, along with Price, joins a slew of players who are released from their contracts and sign with the LA Riot once the player advances into Division I.

In 2011, Diggs signs a 4-year $20M deal with the New England Regulars