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The Vegas Aces were a founding member of the Western League in 1956. Following the 1976 East-West merger they began play in Division II. Tragedy struck in 1984 when Aces QB Kyle Foster died following injures suffered by a hit from Detroit Devils LB Chris DeAngelo. Just 5 years later another death would occur when Aces CB Deacon Taylor collapses during a game. The death is determined to be heart failure due to a drug overdose. This brings about the hiring of Percival Truman as The League commissioner who steamrolls a drug policy that causes a strike that lasts four years. In 1997 the team blew up the roster by getting QB Rick Mirer from demotion and drafted WR Aaron Harris and TE Paris Jackson and a new coach John Garrett from UNLV and later they won the Division 2 Championship to advance to Division and in 1998 they finished with a 9-7 record went to the League Championship and beat the Dallas Aztecs with a game-winning field goal in OT by Legendary kicker Mike "The Foot" Kario who never missed a field goal his entire career. The 2000 season was different, they made the League Championship with a 10-6 record but lost to the Kansas City Crossfire in the semi-finals. In 2001 charges are filed against the Aces owner Mike Marcioni for putting bounties of opposing teams star players. The charges are never proven but the rumors persist that bounties throughout The League are commonplace. By 2004 the Aces are still in Division II, but have a promising star in RB Kelvin Diggs.

Sometime between the two Blitz games the Aces gave up on Diggs saying he was a locker room cancer and replaced him with LB Amos Newell.

Team Captain: Amos Newell


Aces Stadium & Casino

Las Vegas Aces Roster (BTL II)
  • 1 Kobe Jordan QB
  • 7 Germaine Miles QB

Running Backs

  • 21 Mark Brathwaite RB
  • 23 Adrian Gardner
  • 39 Obafeme Malate FB

Wide Receivers

  • 84 James Jules WR
  • 83 Thomas Walters
  • 19 Julian Frey
  • 81 Rick Fairley
  • 82 Trey Grandberry
  • 87 Chad Johnson

Tight Ends

  • 80 Graham Rodgers TE
  • 86 Henry Wallace TE
  • 15 Trevor Fisher

Offensive Line

  • 70 Gary Rollins C
  • 60 Samuel Hopkins
  • 69 Stacey Fredricks G
  • 68 Craig Newman
  • 63 CamEron Smith
  • 73 Tom Maan T
  • 67 Steve Williams
  • 62 Chris Irvine

Defensive Line

  • 91 Brutus Lovelady DE
  • 92 Darnell Taylor DE
  • 77 Tom Green DT
  • 98 Jason Woodward DT


  • 54 Amos Newell LB
  • 52 Victor Sampson LB
  • 56 Brian Ainsworth LB
  • 59 Reggie Powell LB
  • 51 Trent King LB

Defensive Backs

  • 20 Scott Avery CB
  • 22 Terence Floyd
  • 27 Fred Valleta
  • 29 Levi Johnson
  • 45 Steve Closson SS
  • 48 Aubrey Carter
  • 44 Tony Betts FS
  • 43 Dewayne Graham

Special Teams

  • 15 Brian Olson K
  • 6 Todd Kittles P