LA Riot

The Riot team logo.


The Los Angeles Riot was formed as an expansion team some time in between Blitz: The League 1 and Blitz: The League 2. Their owner immediately set about turning the Riot into a championship team, spending money to sign stars from around The League. One such player is Bruno Battaglia, presumably signed away from the player-created team. They are also the Commissioner's pet project as he wants this team to be the new face of the league going so far as to start the team in Division II.

  • The Riot are an excellent team on paper, but their main weakness is a lack of team spirit and unity. The owner believes that signing groups of individual stars will bring about a championship, but ended up bringing in a bunch of ball hogs only looking out for themselves. The commissioner also tries to help this team out as much as possible even giving the team the #1 Draft pick, which most people assumed would be "Franchise", but he stunned the commissioner and everyone else by declaring he would only play for his hometown team.

The Riot represents the player's chief rivals in Blitz: The League 2. They are the darling of League Commissioner Clive Hanson, who is determined to see a team succeed in the nation's largest media market. As a result, he starts the team in Division II, though they fail to advance in the first season of play. The player plays the Riot during the regular season in Division II, however, the Riot once again fails to advance to the championship. The boating tragedy that killed several Minnesota Reapers players, however, gives Hanson the opportunity to advance the Riot into Division I, taking the Reapers' place. Hanson also voids the contracts of several League superstars including Clayton Wescott, Tyrell Price, Kimo Talofa, Darryl Kinsman, Kelvin Diggs, and Justin Jonas, who all sign with the Riot. The new additions make the Riot the most dominant team in The League, and easily propel them to the League Championship. However, the player's team still manages to come away with the championship in the end.

Team Stadium: LA Stadium

Team Captain: LB Bruno Battaglia

Los Angeles Riot Roster (BTL
  • 8 Clay Huber QB
  • 1 Chris Laviano QB

Running Backs

  • 26 Kevin Word RB
  • 25 RB Charlie Davidson
  • 24 RB Clevon Baris
  • 29 Timmy Soto FB
  • 45 Freddy Duncan FB

Wide Receivers

  • 17 Dwayne Rahman WR
  • 83 Zachary Cambra WR
  • 86 Richard Jackson WR
  • 85 Chester Prigioni  WR
  • 84 Eugene Daniels

Tight Ends

  • 87 Tex Osborn TE
  • 88 Kenny Garcia TE
  • 81 Ivan Bell TE

Offensive Line

  • 75 Danny Heard C
  • 78 Duane Ballard
  • 69 Aaron Hall G
  • 67 Bil Mathis G
  • 65 Brett Gray G
  • 70 Ricky Crass G
  • 63 Brad Herrera T
  • 71. Damon McCarthy 
  • 66. Emilio Ortega 

Defensive Line

  • 90 Andre Carter DE
  • 93 Ronnie Vaughan DE
  • 96 Trip Sharber DE
  • 99 Trevor Carpenter DE
  • 73 Gene Guerrero DT
  • 77 Hector Owens DT
  • 97 Tyrell Price DT
  • 92 Erick Dean DT
  • 50 Patrick Francis DT


  • 55 Bruno Battaglia LB
  • 93 Brian Lewis LB
  • 59 Roberto Escobedo LB
  • 58 Vance Stephens LB
  • 53 Bobby Lee LB
  • 50 Randolph Mullins LB
  • 51 Lynn Edwards LB

Defensive Backs

  • 20 Eric Holmes CB
  • 21 Eddie Garcia CB
  • 13 Danny Roberts CB
  • 15 Lorenzo Patterson CB
  • 43 Manny Borson SS
  • 35 Derrick Nelson FS
  • 33 Chris Carter FS
  • 37 Roy Burton

Special Teams

  • 4 Scott Hopwood K
  • 7 Dustin Brooks P