MexicoCity Aztecs

The Aztecs team logo.

History Edit

Looking to expand beyond the USA, The League (backed by the Mexican government) was able to convince the owners of the Dallas Aztecs to relocate their team to Mexico City. Already having a large hispanic fan base the owners decided the move could only help the franchise although it came with a steep learning curve. The Aztecs were able to stay in Division 1 however thanks to their devastating running game.

Team Captain: TE Felix Fortain


New Aztec Dome

Mexico City Aztecs
Mexico City Aztecs Roster (BTL II)
  • 15 Marcus Haggins QB

Running Backs

  • 22 George Demos RB
  • 40 Terrence Fayne FB

Wide Receivers

  • 87 William Hum WR
  • 88 Cleveland Short WR
  • 82 Florenzo Cain WR

Tight Ends

  • 81 Felix Fortain TE
  • 89 Tony Shafer TE

Offensive Line

  • 61 Michael Tyson C
  • 64 Corey Panos G
  • 77 Rory Sobczak G

Defensive Line

  • 75 Claude Reyna DE
  • 98 Michael Brooks DE
  • 97 Grant Tate DT


  • 55 Cie Fiala LB
  • 50 Bryan Hadlock LB
  • 52 Zach Traber LB
  • 51 Lenny Watson LB

Defensive Backs

  • 21 Felicio Valdez CB
  • 48 Mike Alonso CB
  • 30 Stephen Abrams SS
  • 31 Vince Shade FS

Special Teams

  • 9 Ryne Clark K
  • 3 Chance Eckler P

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