The Minnesota Reapers joined the League in 1923 as the Milwaukee Bottlers. In 1942 the Bottlers are moved to Minnesota as a way to maximize coverage because of the consolidation of The League from twelve teams to six during World War II. In 1950 the Bottlers make The League Championship game but are embarassed by the Detroit Mechanics 47-0. They are even accused of purposely tripping before tackles to avoid hits. They go 1-10 the following two seasons, then following the 1952 season the owners having enough fire the entire team and staff and rebrand the team the Minnesota Reapers. In 1966 they play in the second Eastern-Western Exhibition game and lose to the Kansas City Crossfire 23-10. The ratings for this game surpassed that of the first Exhibtion game. After the 1976 Eastern-Western League merger, the Reapers start play in Division II. By 2004 thats where they remain.

During the course of the first Blitz game the player's team plays the Reapers 3 times, the last time being for the Division II Championship. The player's team once again beats the odds and defeats the Reapers. This sends the player's team into Division I being the first team to ever move from Division III to Division I in a single season.

The Reapers become Division II champions in the first season of Blitz II, which would be 2008. However, after the 2009 season, the team charters a luxury yacht and, during an out of control party (referencing a real-life incident involving the NFL's Minnesota Vikings), the ship sinks, killing seven players, and one professional model. The tragedy prompts the team to suspend operations for the 2010 season. This allows the commissioner to move a second team, the Los Angeles Riot, into Division I.

Team Captain: Tony Forbes


Minnesota Reapers Roster

  • 8 Tyronn Nice
  • 7 Robbie Nallenweg


  • 20 Hershel Sowers RB
  • 22 Jerold Ragland
  • 40 Mason Martz FB
  • 35Ranier Rackley

Wide receivers/Tight Ends

  • 80 Mosey Raymond WR
  • 81 Philander Browder
  • 82 Lemans Casimier
  • 83 Daron Clark
  • 87 DeJay Lester TE
  • 88 Jon Meadows
  • 89 Rashad Rich
Offensive linemen
  • 60 Will Harris C
  • 70 Tim Hammond
  • 61 Ken Van Heule T
  • 71 Nathan Perdue
  • 62 Rico Marles
  • 65 Randell Velez G
  • 66 Mario Wright
  • 67 Larry Bryant

Defensive linemen

  • 72 Austin Benson DE
  • 75 Tim Johnson 
  • 93 Dylan Gist 
  • 94 Rob Irby DT
  • 95 Hal Tilley
  • 96 Adam Conti


  • 50 Chris Roberson
  • 51 Micah Costello
  • 52 Wilbur Williams
  • 53 Bobby Knight
  • 54 Logan Marshall
  • 55 Cornell Killian
  • 56 Shelton Swann

Defensive backs

  • 19 Mervin Brookins CB
  • 27 Jonathan Dandridge
  • 39 Kirkland Davidson
  • 36 Matt Goldsmith
  • 32 Alex Sewell FS
  • 42 Griff Simmons
  • 48 Eobbie Golden SS
  • 49 Riley Horne


  • 1 Calvin Klein
  • 14 William Holguin

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