Division 1           

Minneapolis gamble                  Noah Snyder quarterback 7 

Mexico City Aztecs Felix fortain tight end 81

Detroit Devils     wide receiver cookie Wallace 80

Chicago marauders                    Daniel clane  quarterback 12    

Seattle reign Adam gresssom defensive end  90  

Kansas City crossfire jon novas defensive end 35  

Baltimore Bearcats Nick bolier wide receiver 87  

Green Bay Green Hornets packrat James  21

Division 2   

Milwaukee hounds collin loos  quarterback  3 

Miami hammerheads Julius quarterback  7

Vegas aces Spencer Hagan linebacker 56

Arizona outlaws Austin Anderson quarterback 7 

Denver Grizzlies Tyler Neal running back 26  

Washington Redhawks Clayton Wescott quarterback 11 

Atlanta heat wide receiver Jim lock quarterback 12

Carolina copperheads grant tanner 12

Los Angeles riot Bruno Battaglia linebacker 55

San Francisco miners Chris Kaepernick 7

Division 3

New York nightmare Dan Snyder running back 25 

Minnesota beavers Lonnie sauber running back 34

Buffalo destroyers Herman Jackson running back 32

New England regulars Tom deflate gate Brady quarterback 12

Philadelphia brawlers DeMarco Murray running back 29

Cincinnati Crusaders Andy Dalton quarterback 14  

Houston riders Darnell Sullivan running back 28 

Boise bulls  Tony Forbes running back 42

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